CHINA 2015

Pernille Feragen, Samuel Feragen, Mads Fikkan, Hanne Hammerseth og Elise Shumei Villanger - Urban Triggers - NTNU Fall 2015

Week 3 - September 21st to September 27th

Title for the week


Description of the week

This week we start with the research for our Architecture Project.


Like the previous week, we are working on the 3 sites, 3 different Urban Villages.


The first one is located outside the city centre in an area called Xi-Xian (West Xi'an). That area has several villages, but the one we've been working on is called Hou Wei Zhai.


The second village is in the city centre, and it is a new village. The village was built not that long ago to move the villagers from another location. The village's name is Nan Guan Cun.


The Third is also in the city centre and is quite close to the second one, but is very different. It's an old village located near the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. It's name is Xia Jia Zhuang.